When’s the best time to get a nose job?

It is normal for adolescents and young people to seek ways to make them look more aesthetically beautiful. These concerns, which have become problems in the age of growth, can be met normally, but having a nose job is a serious decision.


There are two opposing views on whether to apply aesthetic nose operation to young patients. Those advocating aesthetic surgery for young people advocate the idea that deformities in the body of children can negatively affect their social and emotional development and lead to psychological problems.
For this reason, a young patient should be informed about the subject correctly. However, the possibility of a young patient to understand the information correctly is also a matter of debate.
My personal opinion on this subject is the most important problem in the decision making process of rhinoplasty in young people, their parents’ approach to the subject. Apart from parents who correctly inform and argue that rhinoplasty should not be impatient, there are also parents who want rhinoplasty insistently before completing their child’s development.
My advice to parents about this is that they do not hurry and get information from the plastic surgeon about the most accurate timing. In rhinoplasty for young people, each case should be evaluated separately. The physical, mental and spiritual development of the person who will have rhinoplasty should be examined, except in cases of medical necessity. Besides, how important the deformity that is wanted to be corrected plays an important role in the life of the person.