The risk of bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty is low

Many people know pretty wrong things about rhinoplasty. For this reason, I determine the topics of my articles on my website and Milliyet newspaper as much as possible according to the questions my patients wonder. As you can imagine, the most question is about nose job. Those who follow me on social media sometimes know that I share photos with my patients. These photos prove that swelling and bruising do not occur on the face after the nose job as it is thought.

burun estetigi sonrasi

Contrary to popular belief, nose job rarely causes bruising on the face.

Today, rhinoplasties are performed using different techniques according to the surgeon’s dexterity. If your surgeon applies the method he has chosen in the most correct way, the risk of bruising on the patient’s face, as before, is low. For example, piezo rhinoplasty without breaking is used to shape the nose bone and cartilage tissue using special tips. With the millimeter calculations, the risk of damage to small blood vessels, muscle groups and bone tissue is minimized, and the patient can recover faster and more comfortably after surgery.