The Effect of Smoking in the Cosmetic Surgery

The effect of smoking on aesthetic operations is wondered by everyone. If there is only one thing in the world where all people agree, it is the fact that smoking is harmful. Smoking, which shortens your life and lowers your quality of life, plays a leading role in the death of many people today. Smoking affects not only your lungs but your whole body badly.sigara-ve-estetik

Smoking addiction, which is not only internally but externally damaged, makes the nails of women trying to keep white, gives a permanent bad smell to the person, besides, it causes yellow, unhealthy teeth. It is never too late to quit smoking, the number one enemy of people who care about their health and appearance.

Smoking, which damages our appearance, does not only remain with this, and also affects the aesthetic operations you have done to beautify your appearance. Let’s take a closer look at how bad a cigarette played in both the process and the outcome of aesthetic operations.

Since smoking increases the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood, it reduces blood flow in the body. This causes a late healing of the area where the aesthetic operation is performed. Especially in operations such as face lifting and breast aesthetics, the blood circulation has a great role for rapid recovery after the operation. Smoking badly affects this task.

This is not the only harm of smoking to aesthetic operations. After the aesthetic marks, which are reduced to a minimum, more traces remain due to the fact that the blood contains abundant carbon monoxide and flows slowly. Traces will be lighter in color and take up a wider space.

Pitting is observed in people who smoke in liposuction process, especially after the operation, the blood circulation health is very important. Therefore, doctors quit smoking a week before the operation. Drinking afterwards is also not recommended. It should not be drunk for at least a long time and the skin should be allowed to recover.