Prominent Ear Surgery (Non-Operative Ear Aesthetics with Bonds– Autoplasty)

Congenital ear deformities are the most frequently seen. Prominent ear operations are reliable procedures. Since the external part of the ears is intervened in the ear surgery, it does not create any problems with hearing.

Age for Operation

External ears complete its development approximately at the age of 6. The ideal period for prominent ear surgery is the pre-school period. When they start school, they make many new friends and in this period, children are very fragile and sensitive. They get upset for being mocked and nicknames about their ears. This may lead to the lack of self-confidence and they may need to cover their ears with their hair in the advancing ages. Cosmetic ear surgery can also be performed at any age after.

Pre-Operative Interview

  • In the interview, your complaints about your ears and expectation after the operation are primarily evaluated.
  • Photos of your ears are taken from 6 different angles and the possible look after operation is showed to you on computer.
  • Before and after photos of previous operations are shown.
  • When you decide for the operation, my assistant will plan the suitable day for operation.

Preparation for Operation

  • You should stop taking aspirin and its derivatives one week before the operation. (do not stop taking the medication you permanently use without consulting your doctor).
  • It is recommended not to smoke for a while before and after the operation.
  • The fact that women menstruate on that date is not an obstacle for the operation.
  • Do not put on any makeup, do not use hair gel, wear comfortable clothes and leave your jewels at home before coming to the hospital for operation.
  • Be present at the hospital about one hour before the operation.
  • When you come to the room reserved for you, you may be given an oral drug if you want, it will relax you.

Operative Technique

Non-Operative Prominent Ear Surgery with Bonds; This should be applied for those who do not have much ear deformity. It is a simple and easy procedure. It is generally not reliable and not sound. So, in order to get absolute, sound and effective results, shaping ad repairing of cartilages are a more reliable option.

Prominent Ear Surgery; No stitch is developed on the visible surfaces of ears. This operation is performed with a short vertical incision of about 3 cm from the back of ears. The cartilage is shaped as desired and fixed with permanent stitches. Dissolvable stitches are put on the ear skin and the ear is put in a bandage. Stitches are not required to be removed because dissolvable stitches are used.

Type of Anesthesia

Local or General anesthesia is applied.

Duration of the Operation

It changes between 30 minutes – 2 hours depending on the ear deformity.

Recovery Period

You can go back home on the day of the operation.

You will not feel any pain for about 4 hours after the operation with the effect of local anesthesia, and then you’ll feel slight pain which is not that much to affect your daily life. The painkillers we provide will make you relaxed.

Patient’s ears are put in bandage for 3 days, and then he is recommended to have a tennis player’s band or hair band for 2 weeks.

You can go out and get back into usual routine 3-5 days later almost in a normal way.

You can take a warm shower on the 4th day after the operation.

Since dissolvable stitches are used in the operation, your stitches will not be removed.

Following the prominent ear surgery, your ears may swell slightly and change color. They will go away in a couple of days.

You can do light exercises that are not exhausting two weeks after the operation.

You are recommended to protect your ears against traumas for 3 months.

After the 3rd week, you’ll notice and enjoy the new shape of your ears and not need to hide them with your hair.

Prominent ear surgery is an operation that gives good and permanent results, restores the person’s mental health and increases his self-confidence.

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