Leg Aesthetics

Leg Aesthetics

Today, many women and men pay attention to thinness, thickness or curves of theirs legs. While women desire to have long, symmetric and impressive legs, men want to have muscular legs. The first attempts in leg aesthetics were started with body builders in 1970s. However, the techniques, methods and applications about leg aesthetics have changed a lot from those days up to now. As skirt length shortened, women started to pay more attention to their legs. Although the women who complain about their legs try to cover their legs with trousers, all women want to wear skirts.

Unhealthy diet in the childhood, failure to do the rights sports and genetic factors may give rise to aesthetic problems in legs. The purpose in leg aesthetics is to make legs aesthetic, eye-pleasing and attractive. Therefore, excess tissue volume is decreased, and the lacking areas are filled. For shaping of legs, our first choice for filling the lacking areas is fat grafts. Fat graft procedure is to place the fat tissue extracted from the body through liposuction after passing through a special processing in the lacking areas of the body again. When fat graft is not suitable, silicone prostheses or fillers can be used. In leg aesthetics, if we have not extracted fat tissue from leg area, we generally extract it from abdomen, belly, hips, thighs and knee inner side and give it to the lacking areas through very fine cannulas.

As is rhinoplasty or other aesthetic operations, leg aesthetics can be easily applied in different seasons since a special time period is not needed because suitable conditions are always provided.

Except for deformities such as congenital or acquired, namely injury, tissue defects, men and women are recommended to have this operation at the age of over 18 for mental, psychological and anatomic structures to be developed completely.

Knee Cap Aesthetics

Since knee cap is at the transitional point of thighs and legs, these areas need to be evaluated to get an aesthetic appearance. Lipoidosis developing in the inner parts of knee spoils the silhouette of the leg and causes it to look shorter. When a skirt is put on, the visual appearance of this area becomes prominent. Excess skins and fat tissues are removed in the knee aesthetics. In case of deficiency, filling is mad and visual integrity is achieved. The duration of operation is about 1 hour. When the increase of lipoidosis in the inner sides of knee or knock-kneed leg deformities are corrected, upper and lower legs are made balanced and well-proportional with each other. This enables the person’s height and leg length to look longer.


Liposuction and laserlipo; lipoidosis is mostly developed in the inner sides of knee and thighs. After removing the fats in these areas, legs look longer and well-proportioned. The kneecaps and ankles are thinned with fine cannulas. The fats extracted by liposuction are placed in the deficient areas and an aesthetic leg form is achieved.

Fat transfer; it is our first choice in contour deformities and curvatures in legs. Fats in abdomen, belly and legs are transferred. A part of the fat given is lost in time but the remaining fat tissue enables the reshaped legs to be long-lasting. The duration of the operation is about 1-1.5 hours.

Rich fat transfer from stem cell; fat tissue is the source of plenty of stem cells and stem cells are more than bone marrows. Rich fat transfer from stem cells may give good results in correction of slight curvatures in legs.

Hyaluronic acid injection; is applied for patients who have curvatures in their legs but do not have sufficient fat tissue in their body for fat injection. It is lasting for about 1 year.

Silicone leg prosthesis; these prostheses are placed in the legs with a small incision from behind the knee and by means of endoscopy. In this way, thin legs are enabled to look thicker and slight muscular. Silicone leg prostheses are permanent. The duration of operation is about 1-1.5 hours. You should avoid from aspirin, herbal teas, smoking and some painkillers.

Recovery Period

After laser-liposuction or liposuction; patient can generally go back home on the same day of operation. Patient is recommended not to stan for a long time and to lift up his legs in the first week. Special clothing is put on to eliminate edema, to support tissues and speed up the recovery. This clothing is recommended to be used for about 3 weeks after liposuction. Patient can go back to work within 5-7 days generally.
After fat transfer; patient is discharged on the same day. A special corset is put on for 2 weeks. 1 month later, he can actively do exercises excluding running. All the sport activities are allowed as from the 3rd month.
After placing silicone prosthesis in the leg; the period of stay in hospital is one day, patient is not allowed to walk for about 12 hours and varsity socks are put on for 3 weeks. Movement limitation is recommended in the first week. You can so exercise except for running after 1 month. After 3 months, you can do any sport activities. With the application of silicone prosthesis, about 3 weeks are needed for the final appearance of the legs.

Ankle aesthetics

Thin ankles have been accepted as the indicator of elegancy in women since the early ages. Thin and well-proportional legs and ankles are the dream of all women. Women whose ankles are thicker than normal have difficulty in finding suitable shoes and boots. However, with the liposuction of ankle, excess fat tissue around the ankle is removed and necessary thinning is ensured. However, in case that the bones are thick, thinning is not possible. As a result of medical examination, it may be understood whether the patient is suitable for this operation, or not.
In the ankle aesthetics, asymmetries in the ankle, contour deformities are corrected or thick parts are thinned and gain an aesthetic and attractive form. When designing this region, the ankle is evaluated with the under-knee section. If needed, under-knee section is also thinned or some parts are filled with fats and gain an aesthetic appearance.
This operation is performed by fine cannulas of 3 mm. With these fine cannulas, excess fats are removed. A part of these fats is put to a special processing if needed and used to fill the deficient areas through 2 mm cannulas. This procedure can be applied under general anesthesia or sedation. The average period of this procedure is 1 hour. Patient can go back home on the same day after operation, stand up early and puts on special clothing for 3 weeks. He is recommended to lift up his legs and not to stay standing for a long time at home. After the 3rd week, light exercises are allowed and after the 6th week, heavy exercises are allowed. The results of this operation are permanent. Even though the patient put on weight, their ankles do not relapse. However, patients are recommended to pay attention to their weight, to do sports in order to keep the final shape. We have been frequently performing this operation in recent years.

Cost of Leg Aesthetics

Like many aesthetic surgery operations, the cost of leg aesthetics may generally change. The cost of this operation is affected by plastic surgeon’s education, experience and skills as well as the location of hospital where the operation is to be carried out and the services provided, consumption of the device used in operation, anesthesia, medications, special clothing  after operation and medical tests before and after operation.

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