Latina Type Breast Augmentation

Latina Type Breast Augmentation

Latina beauty means full and round lines. Round and plump breasts, slim waist and hips are the biggest things in Latina beauty.

Round lines describe the feature of women’s body structure. Natural body structure is formed with round lines. And aesthetic surgery’s first target is to give patients natural look.

Less breast tissue and small breasts are one of the important aesthetic problem for women. Women who want to have aesthetic surgery, tell they don’t feel woman enough, can’t wear dresses as they want and don’t feel confident enough.

Latina Type Breast Augmentation Features

In Latina type breast augmentation, it is important to have strikingly big breasts. The biggest size is taken a s a basis to calculate the ideal breast size.

Plump breasts should be round shaped and raised. Especially cleavage area is expected strikingly big enough.

Latina Type Breast Augmentation Techniques

Latina type brest augmentation can be done in two techniques. One of the surgical or non-surgical technique is chosen for the patient.

Surgical technique is done by placing breast implant. The most suitable breast implant choises are given by evaluating patient’s body structure and breast tissue. Operation begins with patient’s choices.

General anesthesia is applied during the surgery. Applied anesthesia is chosen by patient’s choice and health condition.

Chosen implant is placed in 2-2,5 hour-operation. There are different ways to place the implants. Surgeon will suggest the best option, considering patient’s breast tissue, implant shape. Stitches are hidden under the breast fold. Aesthetic surgery’s first aim is to make scars invisible or as invisible as it can get. The developments in plastic surgery make during and after operation healing process very quick.

Non-surgical technique is done by filler injection depending on breast structure. Cerrahi olmayan teknikler ise göğüs yapısına bağlı olarak dolgu enjeksiyonları ile gerçekleştirilmektedir. Hyaluronic acid fillers are preferred because of being compatible with human body. Breasts can augmented without needing a surgery as known 15 minutes surgery.If patient has this technique, she can continue working with her plump breasts. It’s getting more wanted with the women afraid of surgery and doesn’t have enough time to heal.