Chin Tip Surgery

Chin Tip Surgery

Chin tip is one of two important structures forming the facial profile (nose tip), should be proportional to and in harmony with the other parts of the face. With the application called profiloplasty, the cosmetic chin tip surgery is generally combined with rhinoplasty operations. When looking at the profile of face, if the chin tip is at the back compared to nose, prosthesis is placed in the chin tip during rhinoplasty, thus the chin, nose and face are made proportional to each other. The chin prosthesis placed also corrects the jowl of the patient. Cosmetic chin tip surgery is applied for patients whose mouth closing and teeth sequence are normal. This operation is an easy procedure which ensures significant correction and rejuvenation as well as being simple and reliable in facial aesthetics.

Pre-Operative Interview

In the interview, your complaints about your chin and your expectations after the operation are primarily evaluated.

The photos of your chin will be taken from different angles and the possible image after operation can be showed to you on computer.

When you decide for the operation, my assistant will plan the suitable day for operation.

Preparation for Operation

You should stop taking aspirin and its derivatives one week before the operation. (Do not stop taking the medication you permanently use without consulting your doctor).

It is recommended not to smoke for a while before and after the operation.

Do not put on any makeup, do not use hair gel, wear comfortable clothes and leave your jewels at home before coming to the hospital for operation.

Do not eat or drink anything 6 hours before the operation.

Be present at the hospital about one hour before the operation.

When you come to the room reserved for you, you may be given an oral drug if you want, it will relax you.



Operative Technique

Chin prosthesis is placed through a small incision inside the mouth or under the chin.

Type of Anesthesia

General or Local Anesthesia

Duration of Operation

Duration of operation is about 1 hour.

Recovery Period

There is no need to stay in the hospital.

Slight swelling may be developed in the chin area but it will go away in a couple of days.

No scar is left when the procedure is performed inside the mouth.

It is recommended to have liquid foods and to gargle for 6 days when the procedure is performed inside the mouth.

Patient can get back into his usual routine within 3-7 days.

After the third week, you’ll notice and enjoy the new shape on your face gained by operation.

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