Buttock Aesthetics

Buttock Aesthetics

Today, Latin style high, salient and round buttocks without cellulites have been receiving utmost attention. The buttock area loses its elasticity and fullness with increasing age. Apart from increasing age, as a result of excessive weight gain and loss, extremely fatty or low and saggy buttocks may develop. Large and unshaped buttocks show the leg length short and increase the mismatch between upper and lower parts of the body. The buttock area consists of muscles. If you want this area to be firm, high and without cellulites, you should regularly do exercises. If you have bad buttocks which cannot be corrected by sports, you can have an aesthetic surgical operation.

Methods applied by plastic surgeons for aesthetic buttocks appearance;


-hyaluronic acid filler injection (macrolene etc.)

-fat injection

-fat injection enriched from stem cells

-butt prosthesis

-butt hanging with needle

-classical hip lift operations.

The above operative methods have advantages and disadvantages. When deciding for which operative method will be used, the age of patient, bone, muscle, fat and skin structures and shapes in the hip are considered. While no visible scar is left on the body of the person in fat, filler injection, buttock hanging with needle and liposuction applications, butt prosthesis and classical hip lift operations give rise to scars, but these scars will be hidden in the underwear, they won’t be visible from outside.

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