British Type Breast Augmentation

British Type
Breast Augmentation

According to a research in the Sun Magazine, British women has the most large breasts in Europe. Danish women are in the second and Dutch women are in the third place. Unlike everyone’s thought Italian women has the Europe’s smallest breast…

According to the same research British women also has the body lines. Combination of slim waist and big breasts is more common in British women. Anatomic type breasts are also more common in British women.

The features of British type breast

British type breasts are mostly in anatomic shape and in maximum border area. For the women who want to have British breast augmentation, anatomic type implants and body size rate are considered.

Anatomic type implants can be implanted under or on the muscles. Anatomic type breast implants are more commonly implanted under the muscles. Because when round breast implants implanted under the muscles it may shape like anatomic type implants.

The under or on the muscle options can be decided by patient’s body. If breast tissue is few and patient is very slim, implanting on the muscle may look more evident. In this case implanting under the muscle make implants look less evident. If the patient is a professional athlete, implanting under the muscle doesn’t chosen. If the patient has enough breast tissue, implanting under the muscles still doesn’t chosen.

During the breas augmentation, scars are hidden. Over time scars will be almost invisible. Also, breast augmentation with breast implants, mammary glands doesn’t harm during the operation. After the operation if you have a baby, you can breast feed without any problems.

British type breast augmentation with filling technique

Breast augmentation can be done by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers or fat. Before injecting fat, fat is taken from patient. Fat is cleaned before injecting to the breasts. However with hyaluronic acid fillers,this procedure is not necessary.