Brazilian Type Breast Augmentation

Brazilian Type
Breast Augmentation

Brazil has the biggest carnaval in the world and hosts beautiful women every year in Rio Carnaval for years. With samba dance Brazilian type butts are more upfront but breasts are also one of the important figures.

Brazilian type breasts’ most important feature is that they are plump. Even if it’s round or anatomic type, being plump is more important.

Brazilian type breast augmentation techniques.

Women who has congenitally small breasts or loss of breast volume and shape because of gaining or losing weight, giving birth, can use breast augmentation techniques. By your own breast tissue, body structure and choose, round or anatomic implants can be used.

If there is a breast sagging because of giving birth, losing or gaining weight, with breast augmentation, breast lift might be needed.

Brazilian type breast augmentation means plump and round lines compatible with your body structure. If you have plump and round hips, your breasts also should be round and plump to be balanced. Otherwise your hips can be more upfront and keep your other parts of your body in the background.

Anatomic implant can be chosen considered natural hip structure, chest width, waist thinness.Breast shape and volume are decided after some calculation. During this calculation your age, weight, height, existing breast tissue, chest width, waist thinness are considered. Surgeon suggests the best options after all this calculations.

Brazilian type breast augmentation options

Breast augmentation can be done by using surgical and nonsurgical techniques. With surgical techniques, anatomic or round implants can be implanted. Like all surgical operations, scars normally hidden under breast fold.