Baby Botox

Baby Botox

“I want my wrinkles decreased, not to look frozen and my gestures to move”

With the technique called baby botox all of these are possible. With baby botox technique, less effective and less dosage botox is enjected. In this way face muscles move as natural and skin won’t wrinkle.


Botox injection is very important operation because of effecting person’s look and gestures. If you have a marble like forehead,a confused expression and having trouble with moving your eyebrows, that means it is not a successful botox operation. To be successfull,botox application shouldn’t be recognazible and natural look mustn’t effected. As all aesthetic operations, botox injections’s purpose is to be unrecognizable.

What are the advantages of the baby botox?

Baby botox is applied lower dosage with a small amount injection . Also enough amount of botox should be used to fix the wrinkles. With baby botox application, surgeon does a personal botox planing. While enough amount of injection is being done to the wrinkly area, a little amount of injection is being done to the muscles which helps to make gestures. To be successful, face anatomy must be known well. In this way operation is completed by injecting just enough amount of botox to the right spots. To have natural results with baby botox, injections are done very carefully.

How it is applied?

Baby botox injections are also made from botullinum toxin. A little amount of it relaxes muscles and reduces muscle contractions. It is injected carefully in 15 minutes. Full effect of botox injections can be seen in 1-2 days. While fixing wrinkles on face, young and natural look is achieved without blocking the gestures.

It is used mostly in these areas:

With baby botox, forehead and around eyes, vertical lines between the eyebrows, eye contour wrinkles (crows feet), horizontal lines on the forehead can be treated. The effects of botox injections are temporary and it should be renewed in about 6 months. In every sessions injection dosage should be planned again.

Botox has the increasing popularity in every age and every gender.

How much does the treatment cost?

Baby botox cost is calculated by the number of areas. That’s why it changes from person to person. During the examination patient will be informed about how many injections will be used and how much will it cost.

Is it safe?

Botox has is used for both aesthetic and medical treatment for years. Baby botox is a safe aesthetic operation when it is used to the right spots and right amounts.



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