5 Most Demanded Plastic Surgery Procedures in Turkey

Although the most preferred aesthetic procedure for women and men worldwide is declared as rhinoplasty, the popularity of aesthetic operations varies from country to country. Let’s take a look at the most popular aesthetic operation in our country today.



In our country, rhinoplasty is at the top of the list. Many people consult a doctor to make the nose look better, which is the focus of the face and gives a certain expression to the face.

2.Breast Reduction

The average breast size of Turkish women should be more that breast reduction aesthetics has become the second most performed aesthetic operation in our country. Especially women who give birth a lot and swollen breasts prefer this operation.


Turks tend to gain weight in general. Our meals are so delicious that our regional fats often go away and go away. In such a case, liposuction, which does not have a weight loss procedure, takes on a complete savior role for body shaping.

4.Breast Augmentation

Especially young girls claimed that this operation has managed to become one of the most preferred aesthetic surgery in Turkey. Breast enhancement operations, where doctors now offer extremely natural images, are gaining momentum in popularity.

5.Eyelid Aesthetic

As we age, excess in our eyelid occurs. This excess is a symbol of our old age, moreover, it really bothers the person while opening and closing his eyes. For this, there is now an eyelid aesthetic that is performed quite easily and without side effects, providing a young and vivid image. Turkish women seem to like this aesthetic.