3 Common Breast Augmentation Mistakes

Breast enlargement / reduction operations are among the most preferred breast aesthetic operations preferred by women. Facilitated aesthetic methods, shortened recovery time, and minimizing side effects did not leave any reason for women to avoid breast aesthetics.

Breast enhancement is ideal for women who have problems of self-confidence due to their small breasts. Many women feel more comfortable and happy with breasts that are enlarged to fit the body. The main reason for the importance of breast size is that breasts are the symbol of femininity.

Breast reduction is generally applied due to its health condition rather than aesthetic concerns. Large breasts can also create self-indifference. However, the main problem of large breasts is that it causes back / neck pain and causes irritation between the breasts or under them. For this reason, it is a medical requirement for women who have breast problems too large and have various problems to undergo breast reduction surgery.

Despite the improvement and easing of the conditions, there are still questions with no medical validity in the minds of women. Let’s try to examine these false thoughts that are spreading among people in breast enlargement / reduction operations with a correct perspective.

Misunderstanding 1: Breasts never sag after breast augmentation, always upright.

Breast aesthetics is a permanent aesthetic operation. So, silicone prostheses placed in your breasts will stay with you throughout your life. No deformation will be seen in the breasts at a later time by a qualified doctor, when using correctly placed silicone prosthesis.

However, if the person gains too much weight after the operation or if the silicone prosthesis used is too large to fit the person’s body or to accept the chest, sagging may occur over time. However, if you pay attention to these points, your breasts will remain upright and tight throughout your life.

Misunderstanding 2: Silicone prosthesis used for breast enlargement causes cancer.


Silicones are materials that can be used not only for breast enlargement but also for many other processes in the field of aesthetics. They are made from materials that can adapt to the body. If you choose the right doctor, you can be sure that the best quality of breast silicones with many brands will be used. Silicone is placed without damaging the natural structure of the breasts and, contrary to popular belief, are very low side effects. It is safe, so it is also a suitable option for people who have breast cancer and whose breasts are deformed.

Silicone is not used in breast reduction aesthetics, but again, the risk of breast cancer is reduced because the volume of the chest is reduced.

Misunderstanding 3: Breast aesthetics damage the milk ducts, so the woman cannot milk.

Because of this belief, many women agree to their breasts that they are not happy with the fear of not being able to give milk to their future baby. However, breast aesthetics are not only operations that have given birth to her child, have completed her breastfeeding job and appeal to women who do not think of children again. Both large breasts and small breasts can be corrected in women who are likely to become future mothers.

In breast enlargement surgeries, the silicone prosthesis is placed under the chest muscle. Silicone prosthesis placed in this area does not damage milk ducts. Silicone prosthesis, which is placed in an area under the milk ducts, enlarges your breast, at the same time, it does not cause you any problems while giving milk to your baby.

In breast reduction operations, while shrinking is done, there is no such thing as cutting the chest with a single blow. While doctors are making breast reduction, care is taken not to damage the connection between the nipple and the breast tissue.

In short, it is unnecessary to experience the fear of not being able to breastfeed during breast enlargement or reduction procedures.